Below are the 50 Original Utility Powers of Hodge that were created and copyrighted by Caleb Engelke listed in similar groups.

Original Utility PowersEdit

Attack Focus/AgroEdit

Mislead: Enemies do not attack you

Target: Penalties if a target does not attack you

Taunt: Enemies attack you

Tire: Penalties if a target attacks you

Damage ModifiersEdit

Agitate: Harm an ally so that he can deal significantly greater damage

Barrage: Nearby enemies take damage

Charge: Skip a turn for greater effects

Counter: You retaliate to an attack

Fury: Multiple Attacks

Rage: Take damage so that your attack deals significantly greater damage

Residual: Cause damage over time

Sacrifice: Cause damage to another target when you slay an enemy

Shatter: Odd damage rolls

Surprise: Deal extra damage in another style


Diehard: Prevent death

Heal: Regain some health

Mist: Heal a small amount to an area

Regenerate: Heal over time

Resurrect: Revive a dead ally

Righteous: Heal based on your damage

Ritual: Revive a dead ally when you slay a target

Initiative ModifiersEdit

Distract: Enemies go last in initiative

Step: You go first in initiative

Utility ModifierEdit

Deny: Deny an enemy an action

Hex: Remove enemies Utility Points

Luck: Reroll various rolls

Combo: Link two abilities together.


Dodge: You dodge an attack

Flight: Move farther and ignore terrain

March: Ally moves farther and ignores terrain

Phase: An ally dodges an attack

Push: Move opponent back

Slow: Penalty to enemy’s base movement


Craft: Make greater items for a fraction the price

Fade: Hide in combat

Mastery: Bonus to skill checks

Unveil: Gain information about targets

Statistic EnhancerEdit

Bless: Small bonus to group

Guard: Bonus to ally’s defenses

Heighten: Bonus to your own attack

Hold: Greater defense bonus but from a specific enemy

Invigorate: Greater attack bonus but for a specific enemy

Tactics: Bonus to ally’s attack

Tower: Bonus to your own defense

Statistic InhibitorEdit

Curse: Small penalty to group

Feint: Penalty to enemy’s defenses

Ploy: Penalty to enemy’s attack

Shaken: Give penalties to an enemy when you slay a target


Barrier: Create a wall that harms all those that try to pass it

Break: Create difficult terrain

Wall: Barrier that provides cover


  1. Rechage: restore 1 utility poin on an item or person. lvl1 restore 1 utlity point, lvl2 restore one use per day to a single item, lvl3 restore one utility poine to a single person or cancel one use hex
  2. teliport: teliports to any location within a certain radius ignoring any obsticle. celinges are consitered three spaces high. teliporting inside a wall kills you instantly. before you can teliport somewhere you must have seen or stood at that location or gotten reliablel inchariter information that there is an open space there. lvl1 teliport up to 2 spaces lvl2 teliport up to 5 spaces lvl3 teliport up to 8 spaces
  3. Grapple strike: allows you to strike wail grappling. lvl1 attack a person you have pinned down at a penalty of -4 lvl2 attack a person you have pinned down at no penalty, or a person who is pinned you down at a penalty of -4 lvl 3 attack a person you have pinned down at a bonus of +4, a person who is pinned you down at no penalty, or anyone else at a penalty of -4
  4. sapper: allows you to acticate more than one item on the same turn. lvl1 activate one additional item this turn. lvl2 activate two additioal items this turn. lvl 3 activate three additional items this turn.
  5. hidden power: you may activate this utilitu at any time that you could activate any other utility power. use a suitably random method to choose one utility power that can be used at the time that you activate hidden power. if hidden power is chosen, you get your utility point back and cant use hidden power again this turn; otherwise, you must activate the random utility power immediatley (this doesnt cost an additional utility point). if the random utility involves rolling dice, you may choose the number each die rolls instead of rolling it. lvl1 the radom utility has 1 dot lvl2 the random utility has 2 dots lvl3 the randome utility has 3 dots
  6. summone: summone a creature to fight beside you. you may give it any of your stats, remaining hp, kill poinstm utility dots and utility powers (except this one) these return to you when the summon is dismissed. you may only regain as much hp and utility points from a dismissed summon as it had left. if a summon is killed it is auromaticlly dismissed as soon as possible. summons have 0 base health and utility poinst lvl1 the summon can be sidmissed ouside of combat lvl2 the summon gets 1 utility dot of its own (in addition to the above) lvl3 the summon can be dismissed at the end of any players turn (in addition to above)
  7. controll undead: when you ressurrect someone, use this utility to turn them into a zombie under your controll
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