These are the special abilities that set characters apart from each other. These powers are what sets a “cleric” apart from a “fighter”, a “psion” apart from an “assassin”, and a “wizard” from a “ranger.” Each Utility power has three tiers of strength. A character begins play with two different 1st tiered Utility Powers from the Utility Power List. Each additional level a character has the opportunity to either advance one his utility powers up one tier or gain the 1st tier in a brand new Utility Power.

Any given utility power can only be used once per round. You can use it again at the beginning of your turn. This prevents a person from using a Utility Power like Luck five times in a single round.

Utility PointsEdit

Each time a character uses a Utility Power they use up one of their Utility Points for the day. A character starts at first level with six utility points per day but receives an additional one each day for every additional level of the character. A character uses one utility point each time he uses a utility power. A character recharges Utility Points after an 8-hour rest.

Utility Power ListsEdit

There are two Utility Power Lists. The original 50 created by the creator of Hodge are listed on the Utility Power List, and all other Utility Powers are posted on the Variant Utility Power List. Both are viable, but just be sure to run whatever utility powers you want to use by your Game Master first.

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