Hodge Wiki

Hodge: Yeah, it's kind of like that

Hodge was first invented in an anime group, at LeTourneau University in Texas.

Caleb Engelke, the creator of Hodge RPG, has streamlined the rules and developed D12rpg. Built on the same principles as Hodge, but even more user friendly.

The Hodge Wiki Dream[]

I have a dream.

A dream where table top gamers of all experiences could sit down together and play as equals.

I have a dream where players could play anything from a nun fighting space nazis to a samurai taking on clockwork pirates using the same system.

I have a dream where players do not have to spend $60 on source-books so they can play their character, and where character creation does not take up the entirety of the first session.

A dream where role-players joined together under one banner to help create the best RPG system the world has ever known.

That dream is Hodge.

What is Hodge?[]

Hodge is a universal open-source role-playing game built with three goals in mind.

  1. Universal: Any story can be applied to it.
  2. Simplicity: Any player can come along and be ready to play in under 30 minutes with a character in hand.
  3. Revolution: Any player can contribute to the rules within, and no player has to pay a dime for the rules.

"Uh-huh, right. This all sounds well and good, but how could Hodge really pull all that off?"

Well, cynical person you, the last point was accomplished with this Hodge Wiki, but the first two points are accomplished by creating a system that is founded on only four facets.

Statistics are representative of a character’s qualities in combat. The standard equipment a character wears, the race, proficiencies, and raw talent are all portrayed in statistics.

Skills represent qualities of your character such as how well read or persuasive they are.

Utilities are the special abilities that set characters apart from each other. These powers are what sets a “cleric” apart from a “fighter”, a “psion” apart from an “assassin”, and a “wizard” from a “ranger.” Each Utility power has three tiers of strength.

Styles determine the method of attack as well as the type of damage dealt.

And thats it! These four things are the foundation of everything in Hodge.

How to Play the Game[]

Things you might need: Friends, Dice, Game Mat, Pencils, Paper

Character Creation: This page helps players build a character in a quick step by step manner.

Playing the Game: This page helps explain the rules of Hodge.

Greater Items: Everyone wants cooler and better trinkets to play with, and this page helps you create them.

Game Master's Segment: This is for the person telling the story of the game in order to help him create the baddies and perilous situations for the characters.

Variant Rules: This segment is to be filled with a slew of rules that may add a bit of zest to your game.