This section is for the Game Master. This guy creates the story for the players to interact with. He is the person that gives the setting, sets the mood, and portrays the different characters the players interact with. They are the final authority in the game.

Below are tools for the Game Master to run his game. However, before delving into all of that it would probably be good to overlook Playing the Game and Combat Modifiers sections.

There are two types of Encounters that you can send at your characters. You can throw skill challenges at them by having them try and disarm that vicious trap or they could have a combat encounter where they have to defend their outpost from their zombified comrades. It is common to have the both skill and combat encounters happen simultaneously.

Skill EncounterEdit

Skill encounters are challenges that require a certain mastery of various Skills to overcome.

Combat EncounterEdit

Combat encounters are determined by a player's Statistics and Utility Powers.

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